Simplified candidate screening

The quickest way to assess the best candidates whilst reducing screening time and costs, and elevating your employer brand.

Powermeeter Backend

The candidate experience that elevates your brand

Many more people interact with your brand that just those who land the job. Powermeeter enables you to elevate your employer brand for all that experience it and raise their level of engagement.
Create brand ambassadors, no matter what the outcome.



For Employers

SettingsDiscover the person behind the CV
Find and recruit top talent that will bring more to work than just the requisite skills. Video communicates what a CV cannot: energy, attitude, cultural fit and the nuances of individual personality that are the raw materials for creating high-performing teams.

SettingsBetter and faster screening
Powermeeter helps you screen more candidates in a shorter amount of time, meaning you can uncover the best and worst candidates at the earliest possible stage. Save time and focus on meeting only the right people for your company.

SettingsEasily integrated into your workflow
10-second scheduling, shorter interviews and vivid candidate assessment happens all in one mobile-friendly place. Wherever, whenever, easily sharable and accessible: organizing your time becomes a breeze.

SettingsShow candidates you care
Reach out to your candidates and engage with them through personal and branded invitations. By using video, tell them you also care who they are as a person.

For Agencies

Get to the top talent faster
Reach the top talent quicker and present their recorded videos to your clients in the simplest and quickest way, just by sharing your playlist.

Find candidates at the earliest stage
By combining the richness of face-to-face interviews with the convenience of CVs, video interviewing gives you the opportunity to quickly and effectively screen more candidates.

Eliminate unsuitable interviews
Powermeeter lets you quickly screen applicants to eliminate anyone unsuitable, avoiding wasting your client’s time. No more cultural or personality misfits.

Stand out from the crowd
Become a recruitment front-runner and use video to give yourself a competitive edge. You’ll find that in turn you streamline your process and attract the best clients and candidates alike.

For Candidates

A greater chance to impress
Show much more than your CV: who you really are and what you’ll really bring to the role. By conveying drive, personality and skills via video interview, the chances of landing that job improve significantly compared to the traditional recruitment process.

Communicate your skills
With video interviewing, showcase your strongest skills and convey everything you can’t plug into a CV. Video communicates much more than just your qualifications: energy, attitude, cultural fit.

Do it in your own time
Complete an interview from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Flexibility is key and we provide the convenience of being able to do an interview when best suits you.

How it works

With Powermeeter's video interviewing platform, we guide both parties seamlessly through the process, with on-screen annotations, tutorials & practice interviews.


Enter the interview questions you want the candidate to answer


Send candidates a branded email with a link to record their answers


View at your convenience; then rate, comment and shortlist candidates


Share via email and discuss candidate responses with others

“If my team did face to face interviews for all candidates, they would have traveled 99692.1 miles*. Instead we used Powermeeter, and saved time and costs and improved our employer brand!”
*Real data from one of our clients

Case Studies

Learn how some of our clients used Powermeeter's video interview platform to streamline their recruitment process and improve their employer brand.


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