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Are you an in-house or external recruiter who hires regularly and needs to screen potential candidates more efficiently? Then we may be a good match. 

Video Interviewing

Smarter Candidate Screening

It's super simple to use and set up in minutes.

1. Create your brand profile & set killer questions

2. Candidates respond via pre-recorded video

3. You get to meet them... before you meet them

Nothing worse than liking someone on paper, only to discover that you’re not a great match. That’s a waste of everyone’s time. 

  • Fees based on completed interviews
  • Live chat, phone & email support
  • Custom branding
  • Dashboard & reporting
  • ATS/CMS integration

Prefer to buy in bulk, or by period? We can do that too

& the more you use, the less you pay. 


You Only Pay For Success

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